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Environmental Law

Sodavex, with an impressive network of contacts in the environmental field, works in cooperation with expert consultants in order to identify and prepare solutions for environmental challenges affecting their clients. The integrated and multidisciplinary approach, allows us to offer effective and innovative solutions.

Sodavex offers a range of top legal services in environment law to a clientele from all levels of the economic world. The team has even acquired a specialized expertise in the following fields:

  • The management of waste materials (the 4R-D)

  • Contaminated soils (including rehabilitation if needed)

  • Mine sites

  • Contaminated soils treatment centers

  • Small hydroelectric plants

  • Wind farms

  • Pulp and paper plants

  • Cogeneration plants

  • The soybean crushing plants

  • Estate development

  • Financing by lenders and financial institutions

  • Insolvency, bankruptcy and responsibility of trustees in bankruptcy

Sodavex advises and represents their clients both in the context of their daily operations as part of litigation before the various judicial and commercial transactions. The services offered by Sodavex covers the full spectrum of environmental issues.

Environmental compliance and interpretation of the legislation for current operations:

  • Analysis and advices regarding applicable legal requirements

  • Opinion writing

  • Legislative monitoring

  • Compliance audit questionnaire

  • Advices regarding liability of directors and officers

  • Implementation of internal policies

  • Drafting of opinions

  • Request for access to information

Legal support in connection with applications for environmental permits and transfer applications, including representations to various levels of government:

  • Provincial level: MDDEP, MRN, BAPE, CPTAQ

  • Municipal level: MRC, Municipalities

  • Federal level: Environment Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Representation of client interests in the context of the establishment of nature reserves, protected areas or parks and subsequent protection.

Environmental assessments:

  • Analysis of legal obligations

  • Support at all stages for the evaluation process and testing of environmental impacts, including the preparation of the impact studies

  • Interpretation and scope of the decrees (Certificates of Approval)

  • Drafting of memorandums

  • Representations before the BAPE

Counseling and legal support during the planning of property development projects, including energy and industrial waste sector (4R-D):

  • Legal support in connection with applications for environmental permits and transfer requests to the authorities

  • Opinion on compliance

  • Drafting contracts

  • Environmental audit

  • Subdivision and rezoning

Advice and support during a change of use, the cessation of activity, the closure of a business, volunteer or in a bankruptcy:

  • Characterization and site rehabilitation

  • Decommissioning

  • Notice to environmental authorities

  • Retention of documents

Legal support in the context of presence of contaminated soil:

  • Analysis of legal obligations arising from the existence of contaminated soils or migration of contaminants

  • Advice and support in the case of latent defects

  • Analysis of corporate structures and protections appropriate to each situation

  • Advice on the preparation of rehabilitation plans and environmental studies and approvals of rehabilitation plans, if required

  • Negotiations with the MDDEP

  • Editorial Board and the notice of contamination and decontamination, use restriction notice, notice to neighbours and the MDDEP

Representation in litigation before the courts (criminal and civil):

  • Injunctions

  • Mandamus

  • Declatory judgments

  • Direct actions for revocations

  • Class action

  • Damages

  • Latent defects

  • Statutory criminal remedies

  • Appeal or judicial review of decisions of administrative tribunals

Representation before administrative tribunals or quasi-administrative bodies (TAQ, BAPE, CPTAQ, MRC, CAI):

  • Appeal to the Administrative Tribunal of Québec (ATQ) decisions of the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks (MDDEP)

  • Representation of promoters or opponents of projects during the BAPE hearings

  • Approvals required under the Act to preserve agricultural land

  • Representation in TAQ within the expropriation of land for environmental reasons or companies in the environmental field

  • Support through the adoption of management plans for waste or modification of development plans

  • Proceedings before the Board of access to information

Support for commercial transactions (acquisitions, mergers, financing) for both businesses as well as for lenders and financial institutions:

  • Negotiating and drafting environmental provisions

  • Due diligence on environmental compliance and native challenges

  • Preparation of applications for transfer of environmental permits and follow up with the MDDEP

  • Opinion on guarantees, sureties and legal obligations

  • Legal support in relation to corrective remedies agreed upon

Environmental compliance audit in conjunction with consultants or parallel to them in a transactional context:

  • Identification and review of laws and applicable regulations

  • Review of existing documents (licences and environmental reports)

  • Preparation of compliance audit questionnaires

  • Opinions regarding environmental compliance

Legislative monitoring:

  • Amendments to the Environmental Quality Act and Regulations

  • Waste management

  • Hazardous waste management

  • Protection and rehabilitation of contaminated soils

  • Climate change and greenhouse gas

  • Air emissions and air quality

  • Green energy

  • Water management and wetlands protection

  • Mining, forestry and industrial sectors