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Energy Law

The lawyers at Sodavex have been involved in various energy-related projects 
(development of small hydroelectric plants, wind farms or cogeneration and biogas plants).  For these types of matters, Sodavex offers the following services:

Environmental compliance and interpretation of the law
  • Identification and review of applicable laws and regulations
  • Analysis and advising on legal obligations
  • Drafting of legal opinions
  • Legislative Monitoring/Intelligence
  • Review of existing material (permits, environmental reports)

Legal support in the application process for environmental permit and transfer requests , including representations to various levels of govenment:
  • Provincial : MDDELCC, MRN, BAPE, CPTAQ
  • Municipal : MRC, Municipalities
  • Federal : Environment Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada.
Environmental Assessments
  • Analysis of legal obligations
  • Support through the stages of the environmental impact assessment and review process, including the preparation of impact studies.
  • Interpretation and scope of decrees (Certificates of authorization)
  • Drafting of memorendums.
  • Representations before the BAPE
Representation in litigation before judicial courts 

Representation before administrative tribunals or quasi-administrative bodies (TAQ, BAPE, CPTAQ, MRC, IAB)  

Support businesses and lender and financial institutions in commercial transactions (acquisitions, mergers, financing)