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Specialized services

Environmental Law - Energy Law - Expropriation - Municipal

Sodavex offers services in the fields of  :  Environmental Law, Energy Law, Expropriation and Municipal.

Sodavex is an advisor to firms, municipalities and individuals on all aspects regarding the environmental compliance of their daily operations. As well, Sodavex represents its clients in litigations and in commercial transactions while providing support in the planning, approval and implementation of their projects and related operations.

The Sodavex team can intervene at various stages of a situation. However, it favours a preventive approach, while trying to anticipate probable outcomes and assist its clients in the planning and deployment of their projects.  It also evaluates situations and offers legal opinions and counselling on the proper course of action. As well, the team guides and supports its clients in their efforts to obtain the necessary authorizations from various regulatory bodies, and represents them in litigation and in the negations of commercial transactions.

The Sodavex Lawyers developped a specific expertise in the fields of:

  • Management of waste material (the 4R-D),

  • Contaminated soils (including rehabilitation),

  • Energy projects (cogeneration, mini power plants, windmills, biogas),

  • Mining site rehabilitation and environmental compliance. 

Moreover, the Sodavex lawyers constantly work with experts of various disciplines. Convinced of the benefits of a collegial and multidisciplinary approach to problems they do not hesitate to use these contacts to find the best solutions for each situation.

Combining experience, expertise, innovation and flexibility, the firm is a new option in the legal landscape.