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Boutique in environmental law

An innovative concept

Sodavex is a law firm based in Montreal that offers specialized services in Environment, Energy, Expropriation and Real Estate. These specialized services are now being sought more often but have very few established lawyers available, especially ones that work in collegiality.

Sodavex wants to innovate in order to offer new options to their clients. That means they will offer under the same umbrella:
  • A cutting edge legal expertise
  • A team of senior and experienced lawyers
  • An interdisciplinary and collegiate approach
  • A flexible yet affordable structure
  • A friendlier relationship with their clients
  • Advices based on researched, practical, innovative and effective solutions and in compliance with the industry’s best practices
In 2013, the firm consolidated its position amongst Canada's bests by being ranked for a second consecutive time in the Top 5 boutiques in environmental law by the renowned Canadian Lawyer magazine. This is the second consecutive nomination in this category. In fact, in May of 2010, Sodavex was ranked one of the top 5 environmental boutique law firms by the Canadian Lawyer publication in their “Top in the Field article”. This is what they had to say about Sodavex:

“This firm may be the new kid on the block in Montreal, but with three experienced environmental lawyers from large Canadian firms, it received praise from voters for top-notch expertise (…)”

A Seasoned Team

Besides competency, an intrinsic requirement, the Sodavex team guarantees the client's satisfaction. This requires availability, flexibility in pricing and service offering, adaptability, a strong network of experts in various fields, and a practical approach to meeting our customers’ concerns.

Together, we cover the full spectrum of environmental issues and we offer an array of available solutions whether they pertain to development projects, business transactions or litigation of any kind, since we excel in a Court room as well as in the field or in a conference room.

We each have different personalities and complementary baggage, but all share the same ability to listen, pay attention to details and follow the same guiding principles: be accessible, listen to and understand our client's needs and communicate with them in a clear manner. We want to endorse the role of strategist counselor to guide our clients confidently.

Sodavex is indisputably an expert law firm.